Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mr. McNasty Wednesday

In response to your last comment on my prior post: Heavens no, Soul. I certainly see no reason to take offense. I knew what you meant. You don't need to worry about offending me. I'm cool.

It was a gray, dull day in Huntsville, Alabama, today. No rain, just yucky! Harry named the day Filthy McNasty. (His brand of humor) He went to the driving range (golf) this morning and worked in the reef tanks this afternoon. I finally got around to moving some of my crystal (it's been scattered all over the house) to the new kitchen cabinets. That was my chore for the day other than cooking dinner. I did enjoy a reading time today and almost finished the book. I picked up the title "Elsewhere" from a blogger, but can't remember who. (Memory is the second thing to go - anyone want to guess what's first?) Anyway it is an interesting read - a bit different from what I usually read but a welcome change.

Tomorrow we intend to play golf. Don't know what we'll find to do if we're rained out. It's not like we have chores waiting for us here. Anybody who believes that story would buy the London Bridge. I'm a terrible golfer but it's something Harry really enjoys so I try. It's something we can do together.

Friday will be my day with the grandsons. In the youngest's words: "We have a play date with Nana." Wheeeee!!! Fun in my future.

Well, troops, I wish I had a really neat story to tell but nothing comes to mind. (refer to my Memory statement above.) ;-) Everyone be safe and keep coming to visit. My door is always open.


Cheryl said...

It was dreary and rainy here too, but oh so welcome. The drought has been terrible. It should be raining here for days.

I'm the one who wrote about Elsewhere. It is really different. I thought about it long after the book was finished.

Enjoy your night. I don't have anything to do around here either, HA!

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you liked the book. Quite a different take on the afterlife. My mother read it and said as long as there's binoculars, she'd be fine. It took a minute to figure out what she was talking about.

josie2shoes said...

I was delighted to pop over and catch up on your blog this morning, and to find lovely pictures of you and your hubby! I so enjoy seeing the faces behind the stories! Wow, you're pretty... and looking a lot younger than me at 53 going on 90! :-) Your blog is such a relaxing place to visit, I love the life you've created for yourself!

SOUL said...

there goes one more thing for me to NOT worry about. thanks. i really did think i may have once again, been read the wrong way.
this blog-life is tough sometimes. so much is so easily misinterpreted.
once ya get to know me better, i think i get a little easier to understand....but not by much.
that is one of the reasons i have so few "real life" people ... in my "real life."

anyhow... i hope you are enjoying your day.

btw.. it's great that you and hubby have something you enjoy doing together. it makes a difference eh?

soulman and i fish together.
he thinks it's really cool to have a wife that fishes and doesn't nag about being left home alone.
one of my bro in laws is a big time golfer.. he "could be" a pro... he is very good, although, i know nada about golf... except between his working all the time, and golfing the rest of the time... well... i bet you can finish that sentence.

i will c ya latah.

SOUL said...

LOVE the memory thing...

although i forgot the last part. :)