Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Think I Can Whip Old Age Into Shape

Yep, Soul, I called them reefers to see if I'd get feed back. You were sharp enough to pick it up. I hope everyone had a chuckle. The club is the North Alabama Reef Club, NARC for short. Don't ya love it?

I talked to my nephew today. They aren't in danger - at least for now. He said new fires have started but that the wind has died down so maybe the firefighters can get a handle on it. He hasn't seen the sun or moon since this all started other than as a glow. The smoke and fallout must be unbelievable. Thanks for thinking of them and asking how he and his family are doing. His home is on a hill close to the ocean and the fires are about 4 miles away. He said he tried to post a comment to my blog but wasn't successful in getting it published. Ricky, if you read this and need to correct what I've written, please feel free to do so.

Our "gathering" was small today. The youngest son and his wife weren't here. They are in the early stages of pregnancy and, ladies, you know what that means. She probably couldn't bear to look at food or listen to the confusion that is our Sunday fare. We missed them but know they are snuggled up at home. All the rest of the gang was here. The oldest son had a really rough week at work and was not his usual joking self. Everyone else was cool and ready. We had Cubanita sandwiches, green leaf salad, nuts, cheese, fruit, and cubed home baked ham. It was a bit of a patchy meal but everyone left full and satisfied. I didn't make the potato soup - just too lazy and decided we didn't need it with all the other stuff.

Tomorrow begins another week and I'm promising myself that I will make progress towards my goal. Several years ago I suffered a fractured hip. It mended well without surgery but Old Uncle Pain has taken up residence there. It isn't bad and can be controlled but I'm trying to even out my projects to not stress the hip and cause a real flareup. Old age isn't user friendly but I can whip it into shape - just wait and see.

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and is able to face the coming week with determination. I'm betting you can. Later, my friends.


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Sounds like a nice weekend!!
Ahh, the first trimester...smells of everything made me so sick..I feel for her..
Hope you have a great week.
I love the picture of your banner!!

SOUL said...

user friendly!!!!! i love it. now THAT is original. (isn't is?) thats just grand. can i steal it/? just kidddin. but you're right.

and FOOD. man i'm hungry. my little jaut to the store the other day sure went fast. the pets are well taken care of, and we have quite a bit of meat the freezer... but as for the ez stuff--forget it. the first thing soulkid asked after school? 'did you go to the store today?"
uhhhh no.
sucks too. cuz i'm stahvin! and too beat to cook. but i have no choice.
hmmm..i'm bloggin in your box.
guess i should go
ps...sounds like another good day! happy to hear it.