Monday, October 15, 2007

Rocks and B'Day Cakes

Another day with no rain but we have promises for the end of the week. I hope when the rain comes that it's a dozie! Hubby brought home some of the retaining wall blocks I intended to use to be sure they were the right decision. They were NOT. Boy did they look hookie. We went to a center that sells pond supplies and rock this afternoon and he had me look at every different pallet of rocks they have - and they have a lot. We found a really neat dry stack stone that we both like and he assures me that he can lay/stack them. I wanted to purchase the three pallets while we were there but he insisted that I come home and 'sleep on it' so to speak. If I still want them tomorrow we'll have them delivered. It's a lot of $$$ but we'll live with them for a long time. Might as well do it right the first time. Where Hubby was raised there were no rocks bigger than gravel - or at least so he tells me. He really gets into the rock and boulder mode.

Cindi Ann and Cheryl, The pictures below are for you. I told you I'm not a professional. I'm just an untrained but determined Nana. I do have the boys fooled though. I feel a little silly posting pics of such grossly amateur work.
I'm really cheating. These pictures were their last year cakes. The cakes looked much better (but still amateur) this year but I still don't have pictures.


SOUL said...

those are SOOOO cute!
you know i can't bake to save my life..or plant... or landscape- none of that kinda stuff.
but i can fish. and cook. and well.. that's about it. oh and write. and that's it.
cool cakes!
i wanna see the rock!

C.A. said...

Those cakes are so cute, even if they are last years! :) They look like they were fun to make too! You do a wonderful job, Mary. You're the consumate Grandma.

Cheryl said...

Love the cakes. Was it fun to decorate them? I think you showed a lot of imagination. Thanks for posting them.

Mary said...

Yes, it's fun to make them but even more fun to watch the boys check them out. These cakes represented a beach and a wild life preserve. All those animals and the sealife are fondant but the frosting was buttercream. If I were doing it again I'd use candy molds and melting wafers rather than fondant. Much easier.

Mary said...

Thanks for the compliments, everyone.