Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm Retired, You Know

Last evening I commented to a blogger who I follow every day and it started me thinking about raising two boys. It was and still is a wonderful part of my life. There were days I wanted to scream - and maybe sometimes I did - but they never wondered if I loved them. Love, acceptance, and understanding has always been our relationship. If any parent was ever blessed, it has to be me. It was a long road but I wouldn't change a mile of the road. They are still devoted sons who ask for and listen to advice but make their own decisions. That's the way it should be.

To my blogger friend: Thank you so much for your kind response to my comment.

We had a little rain last night and this morning. It helps but it isn't as much as we need. I checked the moisture depth under our dogwood tree. It's only surface deep. I think I should quit complaining about the dry weather. I don't want to become a bore.

I finally slept last night and tried not to rouse up early this morning. Success at last! I didn't get to sleep until nearly 1am but I slept until almost 10 o'clock. I needed the rest but it ruined the day. The only productive thing I did today was help hubby pack some corals for shipment and cook dinner. I've been worthless this day. . . and I may be worthless again tomorrow. I'm retired, you know.

My best to everyone. Thanks for visiting.


Summer said...

Happy Birthday!

Are you originally from the south? I know you lived around these parts for a while.

SOUL said...

soooo... is that how ya rationalize the slug days? retirement?
so does... well, "medically-retired" count too?
that sounds soooo much better than the alternative doesnt it. the other word is kinda deppressing, and well- something.
anyhow, ya.
i had a non- productive yesterday as well. but i did manage to cook a meal. i HAD to. after throwing about three packages of uncooked meat in the garbage ... because i had been too lazy this passed week to cook dinner. erg.

happy humpday... slow week, seems to be slidin by pretty quick tho.

C.A. said...

Mary, there's nothing wrong with having a day or two of "worthlessness". I did that many many times before I went back to work. Now I long for those days again...LOL.

I hope you have a perfect day!



Cheryl said...

Not every day has to be productive. If I don't get up and moving early, I don't get much done. I do like being productive. Have a great Wednesday.

Mary said...

Yes, I am a southern gal. We lived In a little town, Ooltewah, not far from Ocoee, all in the Appalachian foothills. Later I lived in the real mountains of north east Tennessee.

Yesterday was a slug day. I justify it by saying "I'm Retired" because that sounds better than so old my git up 'n go got up 'n went.

Having a solid night's sleep (which is rare) is worth a do nothing day.

SOUL said...

as i was re-reading here... i caught that perhaps when i said "the alternative"
you may have taken it the wrong way. what i meant was disabled...or on disability.
so i said medically retired.
i hope you didn't think i "had a problem" with retired.
although i do like the other way you said it :))
cuz my git up n go--iz gawn.

Mary said...

Heavens no, Soul. I certainly see no reason to take offense. I knew what you meant. You don't need to worry about offending me. I'm cool.

SOUL said...

you ARE pretty cool.
if you were about thirty years older i'd want you to be MY gramma.
(no offense)