Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Visions of the Past

For some reason this time of year nostalgia comes calling. This year is no exception. In quiet times, memories come calling - most good, same not so good, and some - well, let's not talk about them.

There was the boring day that I stretched out on the fallen leaves under a particular tree in our front yard. The leaves were still falling and I watched the changing patterns of the bare twigs against the sky. I made a pact with myself to always remember the day. I was only around 8 years old at the time but I kept the pact.

The taste of scuppernongs is still fresh. I sat in my swing and ate them. My Dad came to check on me and told me that if I ate more I would be sick. It was the first time I ever knew my Dad to be wrong. When he went back into the house I went to the vines, picked more, and ate them everyone. I still love scuppernongs but now they come in little baskets from the grocery. For anyone who may not be familiar with scuppernongs they are a cultivated variety of the muscadine grape with sweet yellowish fruit.

Toby, a sable collie, was my special companion. We had adventures, mishaps, and quiet times. He always was there to catch tears, jump for joy, or just listen. He never told secrets or held a grudge. Susie, a strawberry roan mare, was a friend, too. She put wind in my hair and joy in my heart. Tony, a bay mustang, was full of adventure. We competed in barrel racing and penning exercises. He had the heart of a Viking warrior and the temperament of a kitten.

I think about the friends from that time in my life but won't name them because - well, just because. Some of them read this blog and will recognize themselves. I remember the bicycle wreck with the rose bush. I remember a younger friend climbing a tree because I dared her to then she couldn't get down. Mother rescued her and scolded me soundly. I remember helping a neighbor boy onto the back of a yearling Hereford bull and the resulting broken arm. I remember Methodist Youth Fellowship meetings and the counselor who is, in many ways, responsible for who I am.

I've looked back enough for this day. I need to look at the here and now. There are several things I need to do today. Thank you for listening to a not so exciting rant about "the good old days"


C.A. said...

What a wonderful remembrance, Mary. Thanks for sharing that. I learned something new today...I'd never heard of scuppermongs.

Thanks for always having an enjoyable post!


Cindi Ann

SOUL said...

i wouldn't call that a "rant".. i enjoyed it. very peaceful. i hope you enjoyed it too.
hope you have a good night.

Summer said...

Wonderful memories.

Cheryl said...

What vivid memories. I enjoyed reading them...you're sharing your life and that's what this is about.

I tried a scuppermong at a roadside stand in SC this sumer. I'd never heard of them before. I don't think they were ripe; they were so sour. I spit mine out.