Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Happy Sunday

Not all of the kids were here today. The son and daughter-inlaw who are pregnant didn't make it. She had a big day at the boys' party yesterday so I guess she was just too tired to make it today and I'm proud to say the son stayed home with her. The rest of the gang was here. I made a simple meal today - just beef-veggie soup and the 'fixins'. It was perfect after a day of eating heavy food and sweets. Everyone's tummy appreciated the break. We all lounged in front of the television watching the History Channel and Discovery. We were classic couch potatoes.

Papa (Hubby) is taking the little ones to buy pumpkins this week. They made their plans today and the boys can't wait to make jack-o-lanterns. It's a little early to carve pumpkins but they can always do it again the weekend before Halloween. Papa feels so important when he goes out with the boys. I love to see them look up at him with those big eyes. They are just waiting to see what Papa will find to do next.

Wish I had something exciting to write about. I feel like every post I make gets more dull. My world is very small since I retired but when/if I ever get things in order here I intend to change that. As a matter of fact I may begin playing golf again this week. So how's that for a start?

Hope everyone has a good Monday - one that's not so much like a Monday.


Summer said...

I had to stop by after reading Cheryl's blog and agree with you about the Fish Market in Alex. I live here too, have all my life, close to Dulles.

C.A. said...

Cake Pictures, Cake Pictures...we want CAKE PICTURES!

Mary, your writings are lovely, and totally interesting. I look forward each day to read what you did with your family, thinking...hey, that will be me at a later point in time!



Cheryl said...

My world seems small to so I know what you mean, but I never find your posts dull, at all. Keep writing. And, enjoy your Monday.

Mary said...

Summer, I'm familiar with the area around Dulles also. Bet you get to Tyson's every-so-often.

Cindi, I can't believe I was so stupid as to forget to make pictures. Trying to contact the other grandmother to beg pictures from her. Yes, this is the best time of life.

Cheryl, I do enjoy writing in my own clumsy way. My world is small but it's exciting to me.

Everyone, thanks for reading and for commenting. I appreciate.

SOUL said...

i already forgot what iwas gonna say.
i better just cruise. i'll talk tomorrow.