Saturday, October 20, 2007

Old Folks

I finally took the plunge and posted my picture. Sorry folks, I come with wrinkles and bags - mileage and years causes them.

This is a picture of Hubby. He was speaking at our daughter's wedding reception. When this snapshot was taken I think he was telling everyone present that she is potty trained and turning to her to confirm that she really is potty trained. His speech was really touching with a bit of humor. He got a big round of applause.

Now you know. We really are a couple of old farts - but we are such sweet old farts that the kids put up with us. :-)


Cheryl said...

Thank you for letting us see pictures of you and your husband. If we're all not old folks now, we're gonna be :)) Trust me, I only put the *good* pictures of me on my blog. The wrinkles are there.

Have a great weekend!

C.A. said...

MARY! How nice to SEE you! Thank you so much for posting your picture. (and your hubbys!) It's good to be able to visualize my adopted "big sister". :)


Summer said...

I LOVE the pictures! Thank you! And like Cheryl...I only put good ones up of me too. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Well, she didn't put up a very good picture of me! I look a lot better than that, (especially when I don't have a tux on)! ;-)

SOUL said...

i was reading these posts backwards, so when i got to this, and saw the tux..i kinda figured that was why you didnt like this photo so much---or maybe it was just the fish ?
i like the fish pic better too tho.
but yep...good to finally see who i am talkin to.:))
mary and harry i didnt know his name was harry.