Saturday, October 27, 2007

Past Midnight

I'm sooooo off schedule and confused. It's past midnight so it's officially Saturday. Where did Friday evening go?? I think I lost it somewhere in the whirlwind. Do I make coffee now? Do I go back to bed and wait until later? Do I just throw my hands up in the air, sit down, and wait for whatever happens next to happen. I think I'll just wait and see. No promises, no guarantees.

Have you ever been really tired, gone to sleep, and woke up confused? That's what happened to me. Today - or was it yesterday - was a whirlwind of activity. Kids were in good moods and rare form. We played frisbee (their version), hide-n-seek, and tag (again, their version). They ate a good lunch, watched a kids movie, (thank goodness) and were good kids. No disagreements and no major catastrophes.

The stacked stone border is almost complete. We'll have almost half of one flat left for whatever. We'd like to have a naturalized pond but look at each other and sigh when we think of all the work and upkeep. The pond probably won't happen. Harry gets the credit for the border. If I tried to do it by myself there would just be a pile of rocks strung everywhere.

Before the kids got here I went to the grocery and bought a small ham to bake. That was lunch, dinner, and snacks. The youngest boy kept asking for another "wittle swice" until I was afraid he'd be sick. He didn't want his gummy bears just another "wittle swice".

So in a nutshell: I shopped, cooked, played with kids, and worked a bit in the yard. Harry worked hard most of the day. By 6:30 everything had gotten calm and I was so tired and sleepy that I went to bed and slept like a log until I woke up just after midnight. I'm wide awake which is bad news. Tomorrow - I mean today - is North Alabama Reef Club Meeting at 11:00. We are going and I'm taking a cheese and cracker tray. I'm guessing there will be about 30 people there so that means I have to be clear headed enough to cut a lot of cheese cubes and still have enough sense to smile and make conversation from 11 o'clock to whenever someone decides the meeting is over.

I've gone on and on about nothing but it's helped me to get centered and realize that I just need to go to bed and try to sleep for a while. Thanks for listening - errr - reading.

I pray everyone of you reach the level of contentment that we have. It's a long road folks, but well worth the trip.


Summer said...

Thank you for your prayer. You were awake most of the night weren't you?

Mary said...

Yes, it was a crazy night. I went back to bed at 3:15 am and was wide awake again at 5:30. Strange thing is I feel fine.

SOUL said...

i love to read your posts.
kids, food, outside.. and the rock thing.. something i am trying to imagine in my mind--prolly failing, but what i see is very nice---i hope you post a pic.
have you thought of a walkway for the leftover stone? (if it's what i am picturing, it might work)
anyhow... i feel your sleepless pain.
if you ever notice timestamps on my posts and comments---you know by now--- i never sleep like a normal person should. haven't in years, so i'm pretty used to it now.

anyhow, hopefully you can enjoy your afternoon---and cantch a nap later on!
c ya

can i have a wittle swice too?
i too got a small a week ago--where is it? still in the freezer. and i wouldnt be surprised if it turns into thanksgiving dinner---because yes, i am that lazy.
wanna come cook it for me?
happy sataday

Mary said...

Hi, Soul. The picture you should see is mass confusion both yesterday and this morning. Not complaining - guess i'm bragging. I'm so thankful that I'm able to enjoy the wild ride. I'll post pictures of stone border when I get time to make them. I do want a stone walkway from driveway to screen porch in back but these stones are too thick. Walkway will wait until spring and for other rock. Rushing to get ready for Reef Club meeting. My turn in shower. Later, Kid.

SOUL said...

mass confusion can be good---sometimes. beats layin in bed right?
i love how you can be so active. and i love that you enjoy it.
still not sure about the layout or size of the rock... but you could dig down a little and still use them if they have a flat surface.
i'm just sayin...cuz i am a cheapskate---and i have seen the price of that stuff.
so anyhow-
hope you have a great day
i am going back to bed...
not braggin=== complainin

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

What a long fun day!!!! I hope you didn't end up making your coffee at midnight..otherwise that'd have been quite a long night..course, there are many people that can actually drink coffee that late and not have it affect them...
Happy monday now!! :)