Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Special Day for Me

Sunday has come and gone. It was an especially good day for me. Harry and the kids decided to acknowledge my birthday today. I'd already cooked (salisbury steak and gravy, steamed broccoli, green salad, and pumpkin pie). The meal wasn't as big as I usually cook but everyone ate their fill and there are still left-overs.

I received wonderful cards and various gift certificates including a healthy one at our local upscale spa. Also certificates for Outback, and Target. Both grandsons made special cards for me. The 5 year old, Jesse, drew a flower pot with a purple iris (yes it was recognizable), a rose bush, a lady bug, the sun, blue sky, grass, and dirt. He also drew a worm in the dirt because they make the dirt good for growing flowers. He signed it with hearts and his name. The 4 year old, James, just blew me away. He wanted to tell me about his card as I opened it. He'd drawn a picture of a face (as only a 4 year old can) and drew big circles without end over it. He explained to me that it was a picture of me with love around it. "It goes round and round Nana and doesn't end just like I love you." Needless to say, I turned to mush!

I wish everyone could be as wealthy as I am. I don't know what I ever did to deserve this bounty but I hope I can be worthy.


Cheryl said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday, filled with family. I hope this is a great year for you. Happy B-day!

C.A. said...

Oh made me cry! Someday I want to have grandchildren just like yours!

I hope you had a blessed birthday filled with memories to last you through the coming year.



SOUL said...

what an awesome birthday!!! and an awesome family...and those kids just make me silly. i can picture the picture you nephews drew just like that... is it like the big circle with two long "legs?
anyhow... your family sounds just great.
oh btw... nice pic.