Thursday, October 25, 2007

Titles are Hard to Come By

It's been a gray day here - Yuck!! Gray and raining would have been acceptable because we badly need rain. I haven't accomplished much today other than somewhat organize my desk and clear out two weeks worth of junk and useless notes. We didn't go golfing after all. I slept too late and ruined Hubby's schedule. He is a sweetheart, though, and assured me it was OK. I didn't even cook today. We ate out. Lazy, lazy me.

The grandsons will be here tomorrow and, since they always want to be outside, we may try to do a little yard work while they play around. My goal is to have the yard and house in order to only need light weekly maintenance by the first of the year. Then I will feel free to sew, paint, golf, and all the other things I feel guilty for doing now. Of course, I will continue to visit my blog friends and hope all of you continue to visit me.

Hubby brought in the mail and I just looked through mine. I have two magazines (that I subscribe to), a couple of catalogs, two bills, and the Francis Parkinson Keyes book (River Road) that I've been trying to find for sometime. I'm collecting her hardback books as I can find them. She is a wonderful writer who last published in the late 1950's so it's hard to find her books. People who have the hardbacks tend to keep them. Anytime you read one of her novels you have probably learned something as well. She wrote stories based on diaries, historical documents, etc. She always lived in the setting of the book she was currently writing. Some of her best books (IMO) are River Road, Steamboat Gothic, and Queen Ann's Lace. For those of you who enjoy reading check your library for her work. If you don't already know about her you may find a wonderful new source of reading entertainment.

It's almost 7:00 pm here. I still have time to open my latest acquisition, inspect it, and maybe read a bit.

To all of you, have a wonderful evening, a peaceful night, and an exciting tomorrow filled with only good things.


PipeTobacco said...


I stumbled across your blog and have found it very enjoyable. I noticed your comment on Andrew's blog. Thank you for your kind words. You may find my blog of interest as well.


Summer said...

Mary... Does that feeling guilty for enjoying your hobbies EVER go away?

The book title Queen Anne's Lace reminded me of a patient I had once. I think I'll write about her today.

SOUL said...

i knew it! but you are doing BOTH... outside AND the kids. bwa haha.
man i'm good.
have a great day!