Thursday, October 4, 2007

Today's Playdate and Pumpkin Plans

Thursday afternoon is my personal time with my grandsons. Hubby plays golf with his buddy on Thursday. The boys' mother has time to run errands or whatever and the boys and I have fun. Today we played Transformers, used the road construction equipment to build a road on the sunroom floor, built a little town with Lego blocks, and drove our hot wheels through the town. We also watched a Garfield movie and ate treats. When Hubby came home the boys scheduled him to carve their pumpkin this year (it's almost a tradition). The 5 year old drew a picture of the face they want carved and left it with Papa (their name for Hubby). I am so very blessed to have these days. Before long the boys will be older and won't have a whole afternoon to spend playing with Nana. Then what will I do? Who will play with me?

About this time every year I begin buying books to read when the days are short and o'dark-thirty comes early. A cozy seat, a focused lamp, a cup of tea, and a good book. During cold dark evenings that's the best. Well, the best unless I can get Hubby to curl up with me. Then who cares about the darn book.

If weather permits tomorrow I'll be working in the yard. Maybe I can make significant headway. But for now I'm going to close and start gearing down for what will hopefully be a peaceful night. I wish the same for you.

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SOUL said...

sounds like a great day!
and great plans too..
hope you have a fabulous weekend!