Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Grandsons and Birthday Parties

It's mid week and I still haven't started the cakes, cupcakes, etc for the big Saturday birthday party. I'll make the fondant decorations tomorrow so they will be ready to go on the cakes and cupcakes late Friday night. The birthday boys (my two grandsons) are really excited. For a five year old and a four year old birthdays are big events. Because their birthdays are so close together we're having one big party instead of two.

Hubby brought home some sample retainer wall blocks today. The decision is made and he is going to build a stacked border around the front yard beds for me. I've wanted a stacked border for several years and now my wonderful better-half is going to make one for me. I'm sure there are still good men available out there but I caught the best for myself.

I posted the picture of Hemingway's 6-toed cat and had a few comments on it. I could have also said that, even though Key West is beautiful, we were surprised that there were chickens running loose in the town. One restaurant where we ate had an open-air side. Chickens would wander into the restaurant. The Appalachian people are laughed at if a chicken wanders in an open door but in Key West it seemed to be a matter of pride if a chicken came calling. Talk about double standards. I might add that chickens can't be house trained and Key West chickens are no exception. They do poop where they stand! Baked potato or steamed veggies with that?

Oops!! I sound a bit sarcastic with the chicken thing. I really didn't mean to be. Hope I don't offend anyone. It's time for me to say so long for now and go watch a bit of TV. Hope everyone is well and happy tonight.


Cheryl said...

I'd love to be great at decorating cakes and cupcakes. I should take a class. Can you post pictures of the cakes or cupcakes?

I've always wanted to go to Key West. But chickens?

Mary said...

Yes, Cheryl . . chickens and lots of them. It was really different. Don't let the chickens take away the desire to see Key West. It's lovely, lively, and friendly. Beautiful sunsets AND sunrises.

I'll post pics of cakes and cupcakes. I'm no pro, just a Nana with grandkids who think she's magic.

C.A. said...

Mary, I've always wanted to try working with fondant. The cakes I've seen are gorgeous, and it seems alot like working with clay. How difficult is it in reality? I'm dying to see your goodies, too.

Yet another thing to see in Key West...roving chickens....and the 6 toed cats. I can't wait!

Mary said...

c.a. My cakes won't be gorgeous. I've never done anything except the boys b'day cakes. Yes fondant is a lot like clay. I use rolled fondant. Don't expect a professional decoration - I'm just an old woman who loves her grandsons.