Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jumping the Traces

This has been another one of those days when it is just too much effort to get very involved in doing what I should be doing. I'm still fighting off a flare up and I think maybe I'm gonna win. I certainly hope so because I have lots to do. Won't it be a glorious day when some wonderful somebody invents (or finds) a fool-proof fix for Old Uncle Art? When it happens Summer (who's having a flare right now) and I may jump the traces!! (Wonder how many of you know what 'the traces' are.) If you don't know, Summer, it's a mountain saying meaning that one is going to abandon work and drudgery, run away, and have fun kicking up their heels (so to speak). I highly recommend it to anyone with the energy to jump.

Nothing irritates me more than a car or computer that won't do what it should and dealing with insurance companies. I had to have a "come to Jesus" call with our vision insurance provider this morning. I was not feeling well and not at all amused that the insurance company was telling us that progressive lens weren't covered under our policy. It's too long to write details but the bottom line is that they decided I was correct, progressive lens are, in fact, covered. I barged my way through three levels of the hierarchy to get it settled. Harry said - and he's right - that a revision will be published in a few days saying progressive lens aren't covered. Now I've vented, I feel better.

Rereading the above reminds me of my oldest son, who was then in fifth grade, coming home from school in a serious funk. The funk was unusual because he was usually laid-back and happy with things at school. I asked him what was wrong and he said,"Mom, I love you and God and everybody but Mrs.---- (his teacher at the time) is being a real witch spelled with a B." I bursted out laughing and in a minute he did, too. I didn't ask what went wrong because he was already in a happy place and I didn't want to bring up a sour subject. He found the only way acceptable to call his teacher a _itch. (She really was)

Harry is watching something on television and me thinks me'll join him. I'll check on everyone later. Hope you're all having a good evening. Until later, bye now.


Summer said...

I'd love to jump the traces today!

C.A. said...

Mary, I'm so sorry youre having a flare. :( That makes me sad. Let me know when you and Summer are off to jump the traces and I'll be sure to join you.

I love the story about your son...it made me laugh out loud!

I'm wishing you a pain free day today!


Cindi Ann